The dream horse?♥️ Gledi gives a fantastic ride every time, with her great joy and enthusiasm you are guaranteed a smile on every ride. She is professionally ridden and her signals are easy. Extremely well-ridden, easy in all gaits, which makes riding fun and uncomplicated. She finds it very easy to tölt and she shows in several tempi. Solid, tactful trot and a gallop that is also mastered at all tempos: whether on a small circle or out the road. - she will be suitable as a fantastic learning horse, luxury family/riding horse, and without a doubt for the rider with competition dreams. She is primarily ridden alone, both indoors and out for a walk. If she encounters new things, she slows down and looks. She is always completely controllable and stoppable, and generally not a horse that is afraid of anything. She is in the low part of the hierarchy. Gledi has had 1 incredibly beautiful foal and she will certainly also be suitable as a breeding horse. Especially with her extremely interesting pedigree, it is worth considering foals in the future.
9.400 €