English descriptions of all our salehorses

Ganti is a 7 year old gelding. and a very special one of its kind. He has an exceptionally large capacity for competition and luxury riding. With him, big dreams can come true; Both for junior and senior riders. He is really elastic and with good separate gaits. Very easy to ride. He is well-educated and he is strong in his ABC and can do most dressage exercises. 

Ganti has a very good ability to cooperate, he is attentive and distinguishes himself with a good riding ability. With current strength, he will be ready to attend Sport A classes this season. - I have no doubt that this 7 year old star has more potential than the Sport A level. F: Viktor fra Diisa (8.63) M: Gina fra Rødstenskær (8.19) BLUP 119 16.000 Euro

A very special mare. Just 7 years old. Brana has many qualities. She is a really good mare for both competition, riding and breeding. - Not only is she beautiful, well-walking and incredibly cute: then she also gives a good ride. Brana has 4 separate gaits. She is easy to ride and she is easy to tölt. Can be ridden at multiple speeds. She is well educated. Rides and trains both on track and in the nature without any problems. 

She is focused on the rider and she is happy to work. 

Very instructive. - Also a very exciting topic for junior / young riders. With further education and strength, Brana can go high on the competition paths. Great value for money.

7.800 Euro

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Lipurta (also called Lipa) is an energetic mare with good radiance and good, strong gaits.

Generally a nice riding horse who always offers herself, whether the training is in the riding hall or in the nature.

Lipa is 10 years old, 140cm and 5-gaitet of which the 4 gaits are ridden and trained. The pace is straightforward, and can easily be used if desired.

She is primarily used on outside trips with the owner, and has also tried to start 1 competition.

That is why she also provides the best ridingclass outside, where there is little room to unfold.

In addition, she is happy to ride in the riding hall too.

Lipa can respond to traffic - and especially if the rider is unsure.

Lipa has a willingness over average, she is really well trained and she understands all the signals.

Easy to reach and easy to collect in the gaits.

Versatile and great riding horse, which is very easy to ride for those who want a horse that offers.
5.400 Euro

Hjörtur is a gelding of 11 years. He is big, robust and incredibly charming. 145cm.

He is 5-gaited, where the 4 are ridden and trained. The gaits are of very good quality. He has easy to tölt. Trot and canter are extraordinary compared to the typical 5-gaited horse.

The trot is with great spaciousness and good movement. The canter can be ridden slowly, and still with nice bounce and spaciousness.

Hjörtur is not age-educated and there may be some balance problems in our small riding hall. On tour he is very sweet, easy on all gaits, and medium willingness

If Hjörtur becomes uncertain, he slows down.

He has great potential and with more education he will become a luxury riding horse, with the opportunity for competition riding.

He also caters to junior and young riders.

6.700 Euro

Kátina is an experienced mare of 12 years. She is 4-gaited with very safe and clear beated gaits. Her movements are generally above average, and although she has never participated in any competitions, I see a small T.2 star hidden in her. 

She is 140cm and medium / robust built. A good strong horse that presents itself well. She got a mare foal in 2016 and she could easily make more nice foals in the future. 

F: Ás fra Lærkegården (8.28 tot) M: Blíða from Tyvekrogen (7.94 tot) 

Kátina is the horse for you who does not want to sit and correct the tölt in your riding: she has complete control over how to do it - so you can just sit back and enjoy the ride - ALL the way. 

She is used to being ridden out alone, which she has done for many years. We have not experienced that she has become afraid of anything. She has her focus on the rider instead. 

She is used to being ridden by the seat and with light hand. She does not have much experience in collection from the hand. Kátina has above average willingness, whether you are on a track or outside. She is ready to work. At the same time, she is also the horse who can easily take a trip in walk for long reins without any problems. 

In general, she is very well behaved, both by trailer, blacksmith etc. She is lowest in the hierarchy. She caters to several riders; this could be for men, for a skilled / experienced JR / Young rider or just for you who are dreaming of riding a easy tölt in long lanes. 6.050 Euro

With Gneisti, you are guaranteed an absolutely GOOD ride every time. He is the type that gives you a smile on your face, simply because he shows how EASY it can be done. 

He is a cool gelding of 7 years, he is 143cm tall, sturdy and strong built. He is 5-gaited, and although the pace is not trained, I dare say it will have the same quality as his other gaits. Gneisti has willingness over the average, he loves to work for the rider, and he is uncomplicated and easy to ride for those who like small signals. 

 His gaits are at Sport B level, and he sniffs for DM qualifying in the gædingakeppni competitions. (Senior) 

He has great potential, both for A and B groups. It should also be mentioned that he will be incredibly exciting for T.4 / T.2 in the future. Gneisti is well educated and he has a consistently good understanding of all cooperative signals. 

 Want to have fun on the ovaltrack? Choose Gneisti. 8.700 Euro

Glampi is an incredibly attractive gelding of 7 years. He is 143cm, sturdy and good building. He is 4-gaited with very distinct gaits. Glampi has great potential for those who want a competitive horse with clean, uncomplicated gaits. 

He is well educated.  

He specifically addresses 4-gait disciplines. His movements are currently betweem B and A level. He also loves to jump. 

Glampi is very sweet and well behaved. He is cool on trips and we have not seen him afraid of anything. 

He will also be an exciting subject for junior / young riders with higher competition ambitions. 8.700 Euro

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