Petra fra Eyfjörd

  • DK2016200429
  • Hoppe
  • Sort
  • 143cm
  • 5-gænger
  • Middel vilje (måske lidt over)
  • BLUP 110

Far DK2009100044 - Helgnýr fra Pegasus

FarFar IS1998125220 - Garri frá Reykjavík

Mor DK2008202040 - Frostròs fra Eyfjörd 

MorFar IS1992158707 - Spuni frá Miðsitju

Meget talentfuld hoppe til kåring, konkurrence eller luksusridning

125.000 kr inkl moms


Petra is a very sweet and easygoing mare born in Denmark 2016. She is out of 2 very good 1. price parents, and could be shown as a horse with same qualities.
Petra is about 140-142cm, ridden in 5 gaits wich she does very easy. Petra has medium willingness, and has also a great potential for competition and pleasure-luxury riding. Not afftaid of anything.
Fun horse with very high leg action. 

Price: 16.800€ (inclusive danish VAT)