Young gelding with a Big gait potential🌟

👉🏼Fantastic mind and willingness to cooperate

DK2016199004 Áli (pronounced Auli) will be 5 years old soon, and he is well educated according to his age.

(Ridden in 2,5-3 months)

He rides easily and naturally in all (4) gaits, and he is ready for further education from here.

-Also rides alone on tour without problems.

Áli is the horse for you who are looking for an upcoming competition horse and a best friend.

The road to the competition track is not long.

FF: Viktor fra Diisa (WC)

FM: Gina fra Rødstenskær (WC)

MF: Móli frá Skriða (WC)

Áli can be handled by anyone and he can be ridden by most.

He is sweet, well behaved and expectant.

⭐️Light and loose by hand.

He has 5 gaits - 139cm - BLUP 113